The Chairman of this Occasion

Champions here present

The Founder of Endometriosis Support Foundation Dr Abayomi Ajayi

Distinguished Guests

Students and Teachers

Ladies and Gentlemen

I feel highly honoured to have been invited to participate in 2019 Endometriosis Support Foundation March and Awards Ceremony.  An occasion for creating public awareness of this disease called Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a painful health condition affecting 1 in 10 girls and women of reproductive age. It often causes adolescents to miss school or social engagements. If allowed to progress it can be physically, emotionally, socially, academically, professionally, and financially crippling.

As said by Dr Abayomi Ajayi during his presentation, early intervention is the key to improving quality of life.

Since 2016, the foundation has launched the essay competition to help create awareness and develop the potential and talents of the adolescent women. This year, parallel support for their teachers was also organized to help strengthen their competence in nurturing and supporting students that may be having period pains. Part of its strategic objectives is to improve Endometriosis Advocacy through Adolescent Outreach and Education in schools. The theme for the competition is “How endometriosis impacts the quality of life of students”.

Endometriosis is a topic that needs explaining to students as well as the teaching staff. Teachers who act as counsellors and teachers are the first to spot girls with repetitive time off for period pains, and those teachers are able to help many for years to come.

Targeting the girls themselves individually and getting the teaching and support staff on our side to realise just how disabling this illness is and being more sympathetic and supportive is the best approach.

In this complex and highly competitive era, we need to equip our students with a powerful set of tools, which include critical thinking, understanding of real life issues such as endometriosis, and writing skills. Through these essays, the students learn to express themselves in a more logical way, and also develop their writing skills, their vocabulary and their own writing style.

Apart from the above, we also try to develop students’ interests and talents in endometriosis through competitions and other activities.

It is gratifying to know that these students have made remarkable achievements in the essay competitions, and we should really be proud of them. Out of 32 students that participated in the competition, three students came up 1st, 2nd, and 3rd they are;

  1. Echendu Chioma Debra of Canon James Pearse Secondary School coming out with first position.
  2. Atewogbola Toluwanimi of Caleb International Secondary school also rank 2nd
  3. Olabimtan Olayinka Peace of Redeemers High School rank 3rd

Thanks to Dr Abayomi Ajayi whose vision and generous donation have made the Endometriosis Support Foundation Awards a reality. Our gratitude also goes to all the organisations that have supported us in one form or the other through the years for all their efforts in making the program a success. I would also like to thank the Ministry of Education for their generous contributions to the Awards. Thanks should also be given to all teachers and school heads for their encouraging support to students and their efforts in promoting endometriosis education.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all winners of the ESGN Endometriosis Awards for their outstanding achievements and wish them every success in the future.  I am sure, with our joint efforts, Nigeria will not only continue to excel in creating the necessary awareness but will be able to fund and cure the disease as well.

Thank you and God bless